BFV is a brand that collaborates with big artists for a special, once-a-year release of an exclusive vinyl album with a custom, branded turntable within the packaging.

BFV aims to make the process of starting your vinyl collection as simple as possible. Every year, BFV collaborates with one artist to create a boxset that comes with a custom, branded turntable, BFV limited-edition vinyl press, lyric booklet, and a special surprise from the artist.

THESIS PROJECT 082923/050424 


INTERSECT is the hypothetical BTS album created for the BFV thesis project. 

INTERSECT is one of two albums in the FOR YOU series, the second album being PARALLEL. INTERSECT refers to the moment in which BTS and ARMY meet, existing with each other for that moment in time before separating into lives that exist in parallel, different but still together, even if they are never to intersect again. 

INTERSECT features the color purple, the color of both BTS and ARMY, along with striking black and white, a testament to the new, mature rebrand of BTS done by +x Experience (SK). 

The orthographic intersecting rectangles are the final iteration made for this thesis project, yet not the original or complete version of INTERSECT. Maybe one day, I’ll come back to this...


The BFV x BTS pop-up shop for Intersect is an immersive hall meant to be photographable for people to take pictures within and in front of. 

The pop-up shop offers the BFV x BTS boxset as well as exclusive merchandise for the collab such as bucket hats, shirts, and windbreakers.

The main physical features of the pop-up are: 

the tunnels at the entrance and exit which mimic the BFV “rings” brand asset,

the purple-tinted three-panel glass wall with acrylic lettering that mimics the isometric nature of the Intersect album design,

the BFV x BTS statue that stands in front of a solid wall, showing the “rings”,

the giant LED “chandelier” that mimics the BFV “rings”. 

The BFV x BTS pop-up shop merchandise includes:

an Intersect (embroidered) logo hoodie 

a BFV “rings” embroidered dad hat

a BFV x BTS neon yellow/black windbreaker

an Intersect logo oversized shirt

a BFV x BTS embroidered bucket hat

bt21 plushes in the BFV colorway