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Located in the heart of downtown Columbus, Urban Arts Space is an experimental gallery that hosts free events and exhibitions for the public. Through an extensive and diverse slate of exhibitions, educational programs, and outreach, Urban Arts Space serves as a community resource and is an integral part of Columbus’s vibrant arts and culture scene.

Urban Arts Space also provides direction for Hopkins Hall Gallery, a satellite gallery on Ohio State’s main campus, in addition to hosting virtual exhibitions through UAS Online.

Urban Arts Space is an art gallery in conjunction with the Ohio State University. The previous branding reflected this, being attached to the OSU brand. As the gallery began to create its own identity as a community arts hub, a success separate from the parent success of OSU, the branding needed to change to reflect that growth.

The rebrand of UAS features bright, bold, and eclectic elements that reflect the community represented by the gallery. 

The new logotype/brand identity for UAS uses the typeface DJR Forma. This is a modern Italian font that expands on the “sterile” nature of Helvetica (their words, not mine). The main color palette is shown in the dots behind the logo, using nine saturated colors with the classic OSU Scarlett red in the center. 

UAS has four variations of the new logo: the Dotted Stack, the Stack, the Bar, and the Lettered Dots. 

The dots offers up a variety of pattern possibilities: pointillism, dots and lines, negative space dot patterns, half-circle borders, etc.

The Dotted Stack featured the stacked logotype atop nine evenly spaced dots,
each a different color of the UAS main
color palette. This logo is used primarily in marketing materials for the gallery as an entity, such as outside sandwich boards, signage, promotional gallery material, etc.
The Stack is the logotype of UAS with each word stacked horizontally with the dots removed. This logotype is primarily used on promotional material for exhibitions or events, typically on busier backgrounds so as to not distract from the media it is on.
The Bar is similar to the stack, yet the logotype is completely horizontal. This is also used on material with busier backgrounds, primarily on those with limited margin space. 
The Lettered Dots take the colorful dots from the Dotted Stack and use the layered acronym “UAS” as the logomark. This logo
is primarily used for social media profiles
or other circular media like stickers.

As a graphic design intern at UAS, I worked on many projects ranging from Instagram posts to exhibition design, to marketing, to rebranding the entire gallery. While I cannot show every single asset I provided to UAS, here are a few.

Artist Commune Branding:

Artist Commune is a monthly event that takes place on the last Friday of every month. With this event, UAS strives to give the community a chance to interact with art and artists through a variety of topics like photography walks, live painting sessions, immersive experiences in the space, and more.

The branding captures the fun, DIY nature of artist sommune with blocky, assymetrical lettering. 
Summer Series Branding:

The Summer Series is a seasonal promotion that advertises the events and exhibitions within the busy summer series. The Summer series pamphlet used the dot pattern shown in a variety of gallery marketing materials. 

The second pamphlet design uses the dot-line pattern used for monthly promotional banners.