Though we as humans need to eat to gain energy and function in our day-to-day lives, many people forget to eat for a variety of reasons (certain medications, ADHD, stress, ED recovery, etc). 


"Dinnerbell" is a food reminder app that allows users to input the number of meals they'd like to eat. This can be one meal, as some people struggle to eat even once, or 3 meals, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The user will then input the times at which they want to be reminded of their set meals.

When a user gets their notification, they have a 2-hour window to check if they have eaten or not before the app automatically labels the meal as missed. This allows time to cook longer meals or wait for delivery. They must also input their mood before and after eating, logging positive/negative emotions and high/low energy. This gives the user data points that can demonstrate how eating can positively shift their mood and energy, inspiring meals to be eaten when they start feelings negative emotions or low energy.