082902 – ALL DESIGNS



branding, merchandising, marketing

The By Levi storefront housed multiple clothing and poster designs, created and sold to help fund surgery for the creator (me). I assumed people would be more likely to donate money in return for an incentive (a product), so as a designer, I designed branded pieces to both raise money and act as sponsorships for my brand/work.

Each piece discusses the premise of growing up, becoming an adult, and not feeling any different than when you were a child. When are we supposed to know it all? When are we supposed to feel like adults? I don’t know yet. I don’t think anyone does.

The second run was a line created before the hit album “The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE”. This was an exercise in which I used teaser photos and 30-second clips of the main tracks from the album to conceptualize a merchandise line. Using the bare minimum resources available, I was the first creator on the market to produce merchandise for this specific album. 

The third line of merchandise was based on the single
“Lo$er=Lover” by TXT. This marked a certain shift in TXT’s brand towards emo/skater-core, and I wanted to create a line to reflect that shift.
The fourth line was conceptualized from multiple songs from the album “The Chaos Chapter: FIGHT OR ESCAPE”. Each shirt contains subtle references to song lyrics, titles, and pieces of TXT history to create merchandise that is subtle yet still ties into fan culture and awareness.

This was the first and only line to include the finalized Alien Bandit branding, using elements like the 5 petal flower, the smiley face, and italicized Helvetica as its main typeface.
Wari Wari Flower Shop is based off of the song “MOA Diary (Dubadu Wari Wari)” by Tomorrow x Together. This song is a fan song that serves as a promise to fans that the band will see them again, and that they are always there for their fans.

The shirt contains the lyrics “Here For You” which serve as a slogan for the hypothetical flower shop. It also contains the lyrics “I'm a little shy to say this / To show my heart like this / Then how about that it's only between us?” which are the English translation of verse 1.

The shop has the established year of 2021, which is the year the song and album it appears on were released.

The phone number for the shop (1-800-MOA) is also a reference to the fanbase name called MOA.

The shirt also contains the TXT Plaza/Alien Bandit flower in a bouquet that is both slightly wilted and blooming.
Anti-romantic Records is based off of the single “Anti-Romantic” by Tomorrow x Together. The song is a very angsty and “emo” song, as is the concept of the album it is on, so a record store was chosen as the best representation.

The lyrics “I don’t know who loves me and I don’t care!” appear as the slogan for the record store. This is the very first line of the song and speaks to the “not-like-others” mindset of indie and emo teens.

The established year featured on the shirt is 2019, the year that the group TXT was created.

The records on the shirt have the TXT Plaza/Alien Bandit flowers in their center.
No Rules Dance Studio is based off of the upbeat and dance-centric song “No Rules” by Tomorrow x Together.

The slogan of the studio “Dance Until We Can’t No More” is in reference to the chorus in which this line is repeated throughout the song.

The tagline “Come And Feel Our Vibe” is a reference to the opening line of the song in which a member whispers, “Come and feel my vibe”.

The phone number contains the number 553, which is a consistent number that appears throughout the TXT music video lore, as well as the Korean title for the hit song “Blue Hour”, a catalyst in said lore.

The last four digits of the phone number are 0531, the date in which this song was released (May 31st).
Broken Heart Magic Shop is based off of the love song “Magic” by Tomorrow x Together.

The slogan “Just Take A Chance” comes from the bridge, where the lines “Everybody clap your hands / If you've got a broken heart just take a chance”. This is also where the shop name comes from.

The tagline “No one else has it” is a lyric from the chorus, “Oh, it's just like magic / Feeling your touch, oh, it's a rush / No one else has it”.

The playing cards on the shirt reference the numbers 553, which is a consistent number that appears throughout the TXT music video lore, as well as the Korean title for the hit song “Blue Hour”, a catalyst in said lore. The phone number also contains these three digits.

The last four digits of the phone number are in reference to the day that TXT debuted as a K-Pop group (March 4th, 2019)